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Build a Website and Natural SEO Without PBN and Comment Spam

Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, 2 English language pages that discuss SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you want to learn about SEO for free, you can visit the page above, the 2 pages above have also discussed backlinks including PBN SEO.

Is PBN 2022 Still Working?

PBN (Private Blog Network) is an old technique that until now there are still people who use it, where a page is linked from the PBN page for Backlinks.

PBN can also be trusted to increase page rank and is usually often used by a page that is entering an SEO Contest.

The goal is to boost rankings, apart from PBN, links are usually inserted in comments by bloggers or forums. Even foreign forums and blogs are used as a source of backlinks that point to their pages.

This technique if observed is very effective, but in the long term, it may not last long. As published on the Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land pages.

It can even have an impact on losses such as penalties, deindex and until Google takes manual action because it is considered suspicious.

Back to PBN, making PBN is easy but you have to spend a fairly large amount of money. The reason is that if the PBN has the same hosting and whois, of course it is suspected. So there are those who make PBNs with different hosting and names on whois.

However, this technique is based on what Google says on a page titled “You need seo?” That this goes against their guidelines.

If you look at the backlink checking tool, then pages that link a lot of links from other pages to their website will be known.

That’s why I’m reluctant to enter SEO contests and never before, I’m more interested in participating in writing contests where the jury is not search engines.

Due to that both SEO contests and writing contests, usually the organizers require dofollow links to their pages. That is indeed the consequence if one wants to follow it.

I think both contests have advantages and of course there are disadvantages. When I wanted to take part in such a writing contest, I looked at the organizer’s website.

Sites that are known by many people and have good domain authority are, of course, better than new, unknown pages.

Because a new page if it is planted with links in bulk with a fast time is more frightening than an old domain or an old site that has good value. It can even be detrimental to the contestant or site owner and can even lead to deindex because it is considered spam.

SEO contests or just building natural SEO without backlinks from other pages may be considered funny. However, if you comply with search engine guidelines, you will not be afraid of being penalized and the impact of the Google algorithm, not only Google, Bing as well.

If someone thinks that building Jasa SEO without external backlinks is a silly way, maybe it’s true, but if it’s too much then it’s not good.

I also admit that I need backlinks, even backlinks from aggregator pages, but these pages are not only of high quality but also trustworthy.

Building a website is like pursuing a career, people want to have a good career if the background is not the child of a rich person, then determination and effort are needed.

Therefore, there is no instant way, but it must be with effort, but if the effort is carried out in inappropriate ways, there will be effects or consequences.