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Comic review Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. Comic series that are light and satisfying to read…

Tadano Hitohito is a boy who wants to start high school very normally, he has planned to stay away from every problem, and be good with other students. Unfortunately, the plan failed, because he sat next to the school belle, Komi Shouko, and made him the target of all students in his class to be eliminated.

A beautiful girl who behaves gracefully with beautiful long black hair, Komi-san is a girl who is generally adored and is very popular in her school. However, everyone doesn’t know that Komi-san has anxiety which makes it difficult for her to communicate with someone, thus making her unable to socialize with anyone, even though she really wants to socialize.

When the class was empty, an incident made Komi-san interact with Tadano through writing on the blackboard, it felt like the conversation Komi-san had always wanted. This incident also made Tadano the first person to realize Komi-san’s shortcomings and goals during his high school days.

Komi-san had a goal of having 100 friends in her high school days, and Tadano decided to help her which in doing so also made her Komi-san’s first friend. However, can this be achieved? Because his school is a place where strange students gather!

In my eyes, this series is very good, from the interesting story concept, then the unique and iconic main characters, and the light slice of life genre with an entertaining story presentation.
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