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Baked Oatmeal Nests and Eggs

As a part of a Virtual Book Club that I found on Toddler Approved, we tried to build more activities from their March approved book “The Easter Egg” by Jan Brett. I wanted to try out a cooking activity with you because you love being a chef in your own kitchen everyday. You really liked the baked oatmeal cups that I found a few weeks back on the Sugar-Free Mom blog, so we adapted the idea to go with our story. Mama tries to feed you healthy foods each day since you are such a good eater. We sometimes joke about where you put it all…so as long as you’re filling that tummy, why not fill it with foods that are good for you? These baked oatmeal cups are yummy too, which is a plus! First, you helped me stir and pour in all of the ingredients. You have had a lot of practice with this since you’ve been using my mixing bowl and spoon for month and months now! You were absolutely amazed that you were able to help me “for real” this time!

You figured that the recipe probably called for too much banana, so you decided to eat some when I asked you to mash it.

After everything was mixed, I scooped the batter into muffin cups and a bit into a cupcake tray that is in the shape of ovals.

We let them cool overnight so that we could decorate the muffins to look like birds’ nests and the oval ones like Easter eggs. We used a few tablespoons of pumpkin mixed with 4 oz. of cream cheese for icing and sprinkled Cornflakes on top to give it a rough look. To top it off, we added a couple of blueberries for the robin’s eggs. We iced the Easter eggs with the same pumpkin mixture and decorated them with Craisins. Sounds good, right? Exactly. You thought it sounded (and looked) too good. You ate all of the toppings and a bit of the icing. Mama had to get more out so that we could at least get a few decorated for our breakfast. While working fast and trying to convince you to put the food on the oatmeal cups instead of your mouth, we did get a few finished!

and decorating!
I see that you tested the icing before you started to spread it!
The few that we were able to make without them ending up in your tummy!