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Review Hanazono Twins Manga, A RomCom Manga Series With Interesting Storytelling

Hanazono-sanchi no Futago-chan or Hanazono Twins, is a Japanese manga series by Nena Kitajima, published by publisher Kodansha in Magazine Pocket magazine, from July 21, 2020 to the present and has released 8 chapters. Hanazono-sanchi no Futago-chan has a genre; Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Slice of Life. You can read more on WestManga

In this article, I will discuss a manga entitled “Hanazono-sanchi no Futago-chan” or “Hanazono Twins”, a manga that is still relatively new and quite interesting for me to read because it has various kinds of materials that I think are interesting in it, besides that there are also other things that I think are ordinary but can be made good in this series. Maybe without further ado, let’s get started…

Hanazono-sanchi no Futago-chan tells the story of, Tatara Tani is an ordinary high school student in terms of studying and sports. He has 2 childhood friends who went to the same school as him and they are both twins, the older brother named Ranko is a Gal, while the younger brother named Yuriko is a popular idol. Their relationship is getting further apart, which makes Tatara’s love for Yuriko one-sided. But one day, Yuriko suddenly asks Tatara out, and this is the beginning of Tatara’s secret relationship with the twins!!

Hanazono-sanchi no Futago-chan or Hanazono Twins, is a manga series that is really interesting from the concept of the story and for the provision of stories in each chapter itself is really good to read. This manga includes two elements that I think are always interesting to be used as story material, namely about Gal and Idol, actually I’ve had time to read romantic comedy stories about Gal or Idol, but it’s only now in this manga that I read these two materials into one story concept and well this is really interesting for me to read.

The beginning of the story itself can be said to be quite common where we are shown the story of Tatara’s childhood with the twins, Ranko and Yuriko, and explains their relationship when they were young, then the scene changes where they are in high school and their relationship after becoming teenagers. In the first chapter itself, the initial conflict of this manga is raised directly from the beginning, until the relationship between the three of them is re-established over the conflict.

What I like about this part of the story may be how this series can provide a story that feels different even though I am aware that the topics provided are already known to me, the Mangaka in this series can modify the topic of stories that already exist in other series and are felt to be liked by the audience. the reader becomes something newer and feels original. Up to the current chapter, I have felt that the topics provided are interesting but too general, but this series can make those topics that are too general become newer for me to read and that’s really good.

However, there is one thing that I think is lacking in this story, namely the uniqueness of the story. The iconic things in this series have really been used too often in romantic comedy manga and made me think that even though it presents an interesting and new-looking story, this series doesn’t make me really want to read the story quickly. I hope that in the next chapters there will be something unique and that can make this story different from other romantic comedy stories, considering that these are still early chapters and make me believe this series can grow to be more unique.

Hanazono-sanchi no Futago-chan or Hanazono Twins, is an interesting series and I think it’s good for you to read, especially for those of you who really like romantic comedy stories with two completely different heroines, and a pretty typical romantic comedy prefix. From the story itself, I think it’s good and there’s not much of a problem, apart from the uniqueness of the story that I might want to experience from a romantic comedy series because the uniqueness makes reading interest for me personally increase.

The characters in this series can be said to be unique and good for the heroine, and for the hero I think there needs to be developments that make it more special or at least we can consider it as a hero. Then discussing about romance and slice of life in this series I can think of it as good so far because this series presents interesting topics and is made very recently, so there is no reason for me to write it badly hehe. Until this article was written, this series has released 8 chapters and I think this prefix is very good, I hope this series will develop better and hopefully not lose competitiveness considering that there are so many romantic comedy series lately.