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Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

While browsing around Pinterest last week, I found an awesome activity from The Chocolate Muffin Tree blog called Bleeding Tissue Easter Eggs. This egg decorating technique is great for toddlers that are still working on fine motor skills and it cuts out dyes that can make a sticky mess, which you are not a fan of. Instead, we used bleeding tissue paper to create a colorful design on your hard boiled egg. You had a blast sprinkling all of the little tissue paper squares on the paper towels and eggs. You also decided that it was a good idea to squeeze the eggs to make sure the paper didn’t fall off. Luckily, none got broken!! (To try this activity at home, click here for instructions on this fun project!) The next morning, after they were dried and unwrapped, we had fun delivering the eggs to Great-Grandma and all of the ladies at her home!

Placing the tissue paper on the wet napkin.
Sprinkling the paper on the wet egg.
Making sure they all stick!
All wrapped and drying on the rack.
Just happy that you did a good job and had fun!
The finished products!
Passing them out to Great-Grandma and her friends.

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